Georgios Pessios

On the subject of me


On the subject of me

Welcome human! Apparently you made the right decision and you would like to go one step forward with our cooperation. So let me introduce myself.

I am Georgios. I've been experimenting since 2009 when I was assigned my first major software engineering project as my diploma thesis in Faculty of Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Yes! I hold a Master in Engineering as an Electrical and Computer Engineer. Since then I have worked as a front-end developer, a mobile applications developer (web based apps using mostly javascript and HTML5) and a couple of years now I focus in iOS Applications Development.

My skills sets include:

  1. Development best practices
    • Writing clean code
    • Proper version control with git
    • Agile management practices
    • Build robust applications using tests
  2. Mastered Skills
    • Objective-C
    • Swift
    • CocoaTouch and Xcode
    • Interface Design
    • Data Persistence
    • Networking and Memory Management
    • Git

Before the above are applied my AI takes over and process the problems using the pure and multidimensional thinking of an Engineer.

I am highly interested in Start-ups. Innovation and entrepreneurship are taking over my mind whenever I do not create poetry in code.

I love meeting new cultures, share experiences and watch TV series on my free time. Ahhh, almost forgot it! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! That's the fuel!